Food Industry Translations



Multilingual Solutions

We provide the best translation solutions for leading companies in the food and hospitality industries in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. We know the industry’s requirements, procedures and are conversant with language specific to the restaurant business. Our trained team of specialists utilize a unique process to provide a highly accurate and linguistically truthful translations that retains the nuances and tone of the original message.

Multiple File Formats

Every company uses different formats to create their documents. LMU works on a variety of systems, and have access to extensive font libraries and many popular design programs, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop and Publisher to meet the costumer needs.


Recipe For Success

At LMU we know that every client has unique translation needs. We collaborate to create your specific recipe for successful translation projects to reach partners and internal associates. Translation projects could include culinary recipes, training, marketing materials, HR, corporate communications, to name a few, so your partners and assocites receive the same message, not matter what language they speak.

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