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LMU, Food Industry Translations was established in 2000 and is the only translation company that specializes in the food industry. For more than 15 years, we have worked in all related fields of the food industry to reach partners, as well as internal associates. We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy, understanding that sometimes time is of essence. Our clients can rely on us to deliver their documents when needed as customer service and satisfaction is our focus.




Ligia Urrego, founder & principal of LMU.


For over 15 years, we have been offering translation services to empower businesses to cross borders, and get established in international markets. Our taylor-made translation solutions are made with the end user in mind, while keeping your specific message enact and eloquently delivered.

With a wide portfolio of satisfied clients worldwide, and a specific niche in the food and restaurant industry, no other company can provide you with the depth of expertise in translations at our rates like LMU. We employ expert in-house professionals, thereby increasing the quality of each translation while providing you with the most competitive prices available today.

Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives in local, national and international markets by providing translations of the highest quality for all your communication needs. Our experts have all been selected for their command of the Spanish language as well as for their know-how in specific areas.

Company Highlights Include:

• Veteran staff of localization professionals catering to the culinary industry
• A global network of in-country experts
• Dedicated personal approach to project management
• Reputation for consistently delivering promptly within budget
• Unwavering focus on high-quality translation
• Superior client ratings and relationships


Our Language Management Team

Our internal Language Managers collaborate with the linguists to address questions and issues of style, connotations, associations, impact and cultural context of the target language. A trained team of specialists utilizing a unique process that provides highly accurate and linguistically truthful translations will carefully carry out the process for every translation project.  We know the industry’s requirements, procedures and conversant with language specific to the restaurant business.

All of our translations follow a rigorous Quality Control Process for proofreading and editing: The client will work directly with the LMU project manager who will in turn coordinate the project with the team. In order to provide the best quality work, the documents will go through the following process - translation, proofreading, linguistic review, technical review, and editing.  An expert in that field manages each individual stage of the process.



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